True love

I wrote it a long time ago but are publishing it now. it's a poem about two loved ones, a lot of missunderstanding and really bad timing.


1. Girl and boy

The girl loved a boy

she did her whole life

what she doesn't know

is that he loves her times five


They get together

and everything is just fine

the girl's so glad

that she can call the boy mine


A few years later

they fall apart

the boy's so mad

cuz she broke his heart


A year goes by

then they meet again

the girl's full of regret

she can't even pretend


But the boy don't want her no more

he made up his mind

he don't wanna get hurt again

for a really long time


Just another month passes

then he misses her face

but he wont see it again

cuz he sits on her grave


All he's got left of her

is this old damn photograph

and now he'll never see her face again

he'll never hear her laugh


He wishes to get back

the last time they met

but all he can say to her

is that now he's full of regret


He think of the time

they had together

and how he always tought

they would last forever


As the boy is in his room

looking for a knife

he thinks of her

wanting her back to life


He sticks the knife into his chest

wishing not to wake up, never

cuz now when he's dead

he'll be with the girl in heaven, Forever.

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