Two Sisters

Sabitha LittleWood has everything money,fame publicity a easy famous life but is life as a superstar really that easy but she still wants to be treated like a ordinary girl.While May Starr a ordinary girl who loves Sabitha meet and thats when May life gets dangerous.


1. The Meet

May stared at her room which was full of pictures of her favourite superstar the beautiful Sabitha.May couldn't believe it she was going to meet her.May walked to the plaza where Sabitha was there.She looked and saw her.

"Hi"May shouted.


Sabitha looked at the girl.She waved her hand.Being a superstar was fun but she wished she was still a ordinary girl.She missed her life and her boyfriend Jake.She had to pretend she liked this celebrity.Oh life was hard she stared at the girl.She was so lucky to have such a easy life.Only Sabitha knew the dangers of her life.

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