Dragon vs. dragon. Which side will win in this epic war where dragons battles against each other in deadly matches. Find out here!


1. To kill a dragon is not easy

John knew it. He knew it from the very beginning. To kill a dragon is not easy! You will need the best resources, many years practice and luck! And it must be a decent portion of luck. John knew all that from the very start. And why did he choose to challenge this mysterious creature, when he knew all that? Simply because of the scale. The scale of a dragon is so rare, that if you sold it you would never run out of money! He was in a cave where the legend told a dragon was inside it. And it looked like the legend where true! From the place John was hiding he could see a massive creature with blood red skin and shiny white teeth so deadly they could kill a human in one shot! He grabbed his sword ready to pull it out and slay the dragon. He stepped closer and closer. but then John stepped on a loose rock and he fell down from his hideout, down to the dragon and landed on his back. It hurt in his back. but worse was that the dragon noticed him.

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