I gave berth to an old lady

A story about feeling the joy of giving, when you help someone in need. With a touch of soft humour...


1. The joy of giving...

That day I was going.... to my relatives' house which involved a lot of travelling   From bus to auto, auto to bus... I had a train to board   Not in AC, nor in sleeper... It was an unreserved category   Cattle, sheep, chicken you may think... but they were all common people   Such is the case in Indian trains... If you don't take a reserved ticket   You may ask... Not enough money? Then I say... Not enough trains   Such is the case in Indian trains... if you don't book your ticket early   There was this guy sitting behind me... "You can have my seat"   I bore a confused look.... on my face, I thought --is he mad?   He saw my hesitation... cleared the air "I'm going to smoke"   "Thanks" said I... and occupied a seat while the smoker went for the door   You might ask... Isn't smoking banned in public areas and trains   But such is the case... In Indian trains whether you like it or not   I got a window seat thanks to the guy whom I just mentioned   the breeze, the warmth, the sparkling paddy fields... it was just breathtaking   Then my eyes somehow fell on the old lady standing "Please" I said... "Come and take my place"   The old lady struggled to just walk a few steps and come near me...   Her eyes gleaming-- "God bless you son" the happy old lady said   I felt the joy of giving A unique feeling... when I saw the lady replace me   Was it the breeze, was it the sun was it my human instinct...   I don't know I say, if you ask, "Why did you give up your berth?"   I didn't bother, coz I was happy that... I gave berth to an old lady
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