i want to be the monalisa

its about a woman who want to be painted like monalisa.....but she doesn't have a da vinci for that.


1. i want to be the monalisa

I want my expressions to be painted. i want to travel from life onto the paper, so that i will change never and hold the subtle smile, slight confusion ,hint of anger,speck of fear forever...

These expressions will then speak for me to every by passer, tell my tales of love and loss and humour.

I want to be the monalisa. Hold the mystery in my smile, be the beauty in the frame and look at the world that will change.

i will be alive even in oil and paint and love even those whom the world disdains.

Believe me for this i will never complain, spend years and never mind the fade in colours. The pale tinch that will fall on my cheeks eventually will only increase my value factually.

No, i don't want an escape from this real world all i want is an alternative view. But also i hate the changing image of me in the mirror, so i am conscious and worried with every new wrinkle.

I have a huge canvas in my living room but i don;t have my da vinci.......he will not be born again and my fantasy will never materialize.I am now jealous of the lady who peeks out from the frame looks at me and smile mysteriously. All i could do is now sit before that empty canvas and visualise my lost paradise 

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