Vampires.(Or not.)

What would happen if two vampires suck each others blood?


1. What would happen?


                       The moon twinkled off Alicia's bright white fangs. Her pale skin was sparkly in the moonlight, she waited for the kill.

                       Soon, she heard footsteps. "Here they come."  She thought to herself.

                       Step, step, step.....

                      Just a few more- and now!

                      Alicia jumped out of her hiding place in the bush.

                      The scream that came out of her victum  was so loud it bounced of the walls of the ally.

                      Little did they know what a grave situation they were soon to be in.

                     Just as Alicia's vampire fangs sunk into his neck she caught a glimpse of the strangers pointy fangs.

                      "He's a vampire..." She thought to herself in worry.   

                       She could taste his blood fill her mouth. It was nothing like the tasty human blood she was use to.

                       Then she felt a sharp pain in her neck not like any pain she felt before. Except once. But now, she was sure. He was one of them.

                     At the same moment, they had the same thought.

                      "What  happens when two of the same kind drink each others blood?"

                      "Do people drink people blood?" Alicia wondered.

                      "No, that's silly."

                      They both unhinged the jaws full of sharp teeth, and tried to clean their mouths.

                      "What do you think your doing!? The boy screamed.

                      "What do you mean? You bit me too!" Alicia exclaimed.

                      Her neck hurt. Really bad.

                      Then she started to twitch. So did the mysterious boy.

                      "The blood from me must turn you into a human! Same with me!"  The boy swore under his breath after he told her.



                     "I hate being a vampire!"

                     They fell to the ground, unconseous, not knowing what they would wake up into a brand new world.

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