My Secret Love

This poem was inspired by a man I thought I loved but love truly is blind.


1. My Secret Love

What if my heart could speak?


Would it talk of when we talk;

                                              how we laugh,

mostly me, and use up precious hours of life,

without wasting them.


Would it whisper of the first time we kissed;

how we dared to take that leap

                                                 from friends to more

without feeling we were,

and how it left a stubborn smile imprinted on that memory

that arose at the thought of it.


Would it tell of its confusion

of the feeling of unrequited love,

although the love is returned.


Would it preach what it finds so hard to express

and finally find the right words

so you could feel what it feels.

Would it question us and make us doubt

it what we have is as right as we hope

                                                             or is love truly blind


or would it answer your heart;

talking, telling, preaching

everything that you keep to yourself

behind sealed lips.

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