The Office Spouse

This is a story of a young lad who fell in love with his office colleague.....................but finally realizes that he loves his girl friend and it's just lust he has on the Office spouse...


1. The Project Management Session....



Chapter 1: The Project Management Session


It all started on a Monday morning when my boss- Srini-wanted to show me how to use a particular software tool used for Project Management in the company. By the way, did I say that I work for a software company as a Quality Analyst. My job is to provide support for all project managers with the CMMI level 5 maturity level and Six sigma level quality process. Stop reading the above line again in case you got confused with some maturity – Level – CMM.. That is nowhere close to our story.


I am new to  the quality department and along with me, 4 new comers( Fresh like a SEA fish) joined. I was asked to meet my boss in his cabin.

 Aaah yet another boring lecture on some stupid project management tool that ruins project manager’s time, to speak to the most beautiful woman in the project. Yes you are right’ that’s a annoyingly worst tool in the organization that sucks up 90% of your free time (if any).


I took a leap from my seat and saw Srini calling some more people..’ Oh I am joining a session with the new comers ..great..good to see some new faces in office’ There were 3 boys ,gupta, singh and sasi, in the list and suddenly I saw a limping short girl walking fast towards srini with a smile.

 ‘ Is she disabled ?….is she just 5 feet or less than that? …is she wearing heels to appear as a 5.5 ft girl ?’ My mind was wandering with lot many questions,  suddenly I heard someone saying that she fell on the road and had a sprain.

 ‘ oh thank god I didn’t ask her that on our first meet’ I didn’t know her name yet but I surely know she will become a good friend of mine.


The session started at around 9 30 AM. Srini was in his royal chair ( he seemed like a high school teacher with a  cane in his hand asking children multiplication tables) and I was next to him. So my boss and I were almost sitting next to each other like in a interview panel and all the four new comers were opposite to us ( like the candidates for interviews). Gupta, Singh, Sasi and limping short girl (that was the mental frame I had in my mind of her)  were the four new comers who looked enthusiastic and seemed very much ready to become project managers ready to smash the tool, immediately after the session.

 I was taken aback by the confidence in their eyes and I thought ‘ Ok c’mon Vamsi . its time you have to excel this tool in front of your sub ordinates ‘ ‘ be a champ my boy …be a champ….be a chaaaaammm…..ufff the session isn’t interesting though I am trying to concentrate for almost 15 min now’ ‘ what the hell is this’…ufff .


Half an hour passed and I was still in a confusion on what is happening over the screen. Suddenly I noticed Mr. gupta on the verge of sleep ..trying to control himself by shaking his head and rubbing his eyes but in vain,


‘ Are you there Mr. Guptha’ ..shouted Srini with a voice just above the normal pitch…

Suddenly all of us straightened our backs and Gupta ‘ YES SIR !!!!’ in a military style…


The entire room filled with some silence and we were expecting a question to Mr. Gupta..


‘ Ok lets continue’ sighed Srini..that made gupta relieved with a puff..


‘OK whatever done so far is done..lets concentrate from now’ I spoke to me in mind..I moved farther from my boss and stared at him to remind him that I am listening. I shook my head in all possible ways to keep myself awake and to show my invaluable interest.


Suddenly I noticed Limping short girl scribbling her notepad like a NDTV journalist who is on Mission Kashmir to interview terrorists. ‘ Oh my goodness..what is she writing here…and where did this girl come from ‘ I was talking to myself ‘ Should I ask her notes after the class , will she give me the hard earned knowledge , will she first talk to me ….’ Many questions ran thru my mind.. but in the end I got a very good view of a scribbling girl in the boring class.


3 hrs passed and srini is still trying to push something into our mind, ‘ Will he ever stop, look at our drooling faces and realize that he has reached the limit and one more topic these guys will blast his face with the monitor in front’ I was literally waiting for that incident to happen and suddenly though not intentionally, I got a doubt ‘ Oh my god I listening all these till now then how the hell do I get doubts anyway lets ask srini’


‘Blah blah blah …….’I started asking my doubt in technical which I expected a big long lecture from my boss.


But to my surprise that 5feet limping smart journalist threw her book on the desk and started explaining something by making waves in air with her hand…I suddenly pulled my chair close to desk and started listening to her. My eyes were on her hands trying to figure out if she is dancing or drawing..My ears were on the voice ( just like a small lion cub’s ) and my mouth without my control speaking ‘ oh ok ok ‘ at least 4 times.


All went well and the session is done for the day..we were in our respective places as usual.


Day 2:


I came to office at around 8 30 AM and saw this Short Smart Limping Journalist on my way and I said ‘ hello’


‘Hey hello good morning ‘ she said


‘Whats ur name ‘ I asked though I wanted to ask ‘ what’s your name miss short smart Limping journalist’

‘Neha  ‘ with a bold voice ‘ and urs ‘

‘Vamshi, vamshidhar’ boldest voice ..I said..


That was the start of our friendship......

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