You don't know

When the past are catching up with the terrified girl, she must force all the horrible things she has done in her life. And live with the consequences of her choices.


1. I could hear them

They was after me. The slow steps. They crawled heavy over the ground, shambling. They were after me. 

I was running as fast as I could through the forest, my lungs praying for air, and my body shaking. I was so afraid. It was like the trees was looking down at me, blaming me for all the things I had done. I wouldn't look at them, I was scared of seeing the hating blame in their gaze. They did nothing for hiding me, they hid the steps, and made the noise of them more faintly. So faintly that it felt like it only was existing at the edge of my mind, and not something my ears could hear. I could almost throw up, so horrible I felt. 

The steps was after me. They haunted me. 

The treetops allowed a little moonlight, come through the leaves of the trees. And I was grateful for that little amount of light, it made it possible seeing just the shapes ahead of me. I was so afraid I couldn't even cry. 

At that the clouds of the sky began to rain. First the raindrops fell slowly, light at my skin and it made no difference. But then they suddenly fell heavy, aggressive, and hard, and made the foundation under my feet unstable. The raindrops that landed on my lips tasted like iron. Weird. They almost tasted like.. Blood? 

The steps was closer, so close I could almost feel the breath from them, at my neck. 

I fell, right down, as long as I was, with my head first, into the ground. At first I panicked, I couldn't breathe, but then I sat up, and discovered I had just fell into a puddle. I breathed in relieved. But then I saw, how black the puddle were, how the rain in my mouth tasted different. Raindrops used to taste like spring, freshness, and the sky, but these raindrops didn't. They tasted like iron. I remembered how I had thought they tasted like blood a moment ago. I screamed. And then everything went black.

I could feel how the things, the things I had.. Done, slowly came up. Came up to my minds surface, of water of forgetting. The horrible things that had happened. The blame that had fell on me. All the things I had tried to forget, had drowned, so I woulnd't go crazy. They came up with the taste of blood in my mouth. With the steps behind me. 

I gasped, and found myself again. I knew the steps had found me, I could fell it like I could fell my fast heartbeat. I knew I was caught, nothing to do. I could feel the eyes at my back and slowly turned around and faced the familiar face. 

"You knew you couldn't escape" the familiar voice, full of hate. The acid in the voice made it unforgivable cruel.

"Are you afraid?"

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