Worshipping disbelief..

A note on why i am an atheist...


1. Worshipping Disbelief

The bells ring faintly, and the aroma of burning incense sticks force their way through my non-believer nostrils. My rational ears hear people sing in praise of god. I see faith floating in front of my sceptic eyes, like grains of dust. The cynic in me refuses to believe in what he witnesses…

Why do you believe in God? Of course, the idea of an all-controlling, omnipotent God is very interesting. It easily answers every question, thus wiping away the mystery behind every unanswered one. The burden of having yourself to blame for your mistakes, your failures, the evil inside you is so easily removed from your shoulders. Why does the wind blow? - Because God wants it to. Why did he die? - Because God always takes away the good people. Why is he sick? - Because of his sins. How did the universe come into existence? - God created it. Ask any question, and you can answer it with the aid of a God. Of course, having a not-so-real answer is any day more fascinating than not having an answer at all!

Science and religion are being balanced on a weighing scale. When people witness miracles happen the science side moves up; and when a watertight scientific proof is given, the religion side moves up. But the more we understand how the world is working for real, the truth behind the concept of God will slowly evanesce.

I do not wish to impertinently criticize every precept of religion that is out there. There are good things about religion too. It stops people from doing bad things, at least out of the fear of God. But I don’t want some weakly manufactured mythologies to rule over my mind. A string of fucked up truths comfort me more than an attractive lie. I do not need the fear of God to stop me from doing evil. I am not a murderer because I am not a murderer, and not because a God is watching me. I believe that I am responsible for my own actions, and no God has control over it. I won’t force you to accept my opinion, nor will I condemn your beliefs, for I believe that ignorant bliss is still bliss. So do not expect me to embrace the more popular feelings either.

I do not desire to remain blind to my own ignorance, for I know I cannot be completely right. This is not an outright rejection of God’s existence, ‘cause I can’t be sure whether God exists or not. Nor do I have any scientific proof against the existence of God. But the idea, the very concept of God seems so whimsical and unrealistic to me, that I strongly deny his existence. And thus, I am an atheist.  

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