Tranquil Seasons

This collection is about my Tranquil Seasons and the company of poetry, who to some extant could justify its presence in my life and soul. Thanks to everyone and everything for making it possible to be created in my life.


1. Poetry : A Flavored Tranquility


                                                        Emotions, Reminiscences, Life & Art make a dough; mixed in water of words; pail of heart is heated by the fire of feelings; the spices of tears (salt), smiles (honey), anger (chilly), love (saffron), blush (turmeric) are fried in the oil of world; then begets the delicacy of Poetry, the food for the soul.


             Here served before the Eternal Chef of Time, the tester, taste-maker who cooks sublime. 

                                                                                                                                                                               -        Goodly

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