It happens once

It is just strange sometimes you start believing things which were just an illusion, sometimes you start living your entire life in some moments which were never really yours.Sometimes when you know that it is not true but you do not want to loose faith in your belief.Sometimes when you are hurt deeply, you still manage to laugh because sometimes such things HAPPENS ONLY ONCE in your life and they define life.


1. How to begin


It was not a beginning but a day well to begin in her life, she already had a heartache and was still licking wounds given before, never did it occurred to her that it was true.In that flow it just happened and she could not stop herself, she wanted to , but her heart her soul was not in her control as if entire universe plotted against her and wanted it to happen.


But why it was Him?  Him whom she keeps high on pedestal,whom she loved without expressing, whom she respected more than anyone,who was her rock her support her blind faith. Him.. was it once or for forever. That was the one question she had.. He... strange but yes it was Him

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