Zombies Rule

How to meet and eat people.


1. To infinity and beyond

Zane was never one to hang out in gangs, let alone Hordes of rotten flesh brain eating Zombies. It was too late to complain now. After  you get over the smell and the horrid hygiene. Life as a Zombie was pretty alright. No school. No Homework and no stupid teachers. Zombies Rule!


Zane was at school when the Zombie horde came. As usual Mr Clarkson was shouting at him for not bringing in his P.E kit.

Zane was not into sports , and he was mostly not into any kind of physical action. Zane was a thinker, an Artist ,a boy of nature.

Mr Clarkson screamed and shouted at Zane -

  " Stupid boy how many times must I tell you? That is it you are playing in you pants and socks"


Mr Clarkson's fat round face became redder with each syllable.  And each word produced bits of spittle which bounced off Zane's face. The smell of stale cheap coffee on Mr Clarkson's breath became stronger the angrier he got. 


Zane let out a light " Meh" and walked to the changing rooms. It always seemed to be cold when P.E had to take place. That day it was the standard Grey overcast with a strong easterly wind that cut to the bone.

Only a mad man would do P.E in this weather . Only someone with a hypothermia fetish  would do P.E in their Buzz Lightyear underwear.


Zane stripped down and was thankful he actually wore pants today. Buzz Lightyear face appeared at the center of the pants with that strong chin of his. Zane always wanted to ask a girl "Wanna give Buzz a kiss?"


Zane knew as soon as he stepped outside he would get ripped, why is a 15 year old still wearing blue Buzz Lightyear Y fronts. 

" Pffftt" uttered Zane as he braced himself to venture outside into the cold. And into the wrath of Mr Clarkson, when at the corner of his eye. Zane saw the school keeper ;Mr Frost. Bloody pervert.

There were rumors he watched  boys during P.E but Zane hadn't thought them to be true.


Holding Buzz Lightyear's face Zane turn around to confront Mr Frost.

The first thing that stood out was the fact that Mr Frost had no lower jaw.. just a mash of offal and fat. Mr Frost  left eye was cloudy with a hint of blue while  the other eye was hanging out of the socket. The remaining part of his upper face was grey and bruised.


Most teenagers would of turned and run, but Zane was like -


" Wow a freaking Zombie"


Fear didn't take Zane, more of a fascination. Zombie Frost moaned " Hungerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and lunged at Zane. 

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