a story of celebratiion of rare local buzz party for a new year eve and almighty electricity breaks the bond of loadshedding and connects him to the facebook where he finds his best fren to be a cheat.


1. the Delete

It was just one down so quick though it tasted as  honey he was hoping ,no repeat stories with the remains .Its getting hard day by day at his college as the exams were near and the girls were nowhere.Oh shit! juniors are having holidays for a month as the festival was nearby.It seems like all is over,there are lots of heroes around and who don't have guts and nuts to flirt, after all its only the thing all engineering students are capable of besides their course materials.

He reminded the pizza day and the Fanta-love he managed so far and fast. It just charged him to do something very quick and honest. He thought to order a next pizza with some cranberry juice and called her cell, "hello" was not so sexy and more like stranger.she was not coming and she was busy with someone else,probably engineer who will design her according to her mood and shape her to the most compatible size on table, bed or in the floor. He just hit the floor with that NO.

In anger, he opens friends from Facebook and deletes her.

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