My Garden.

My imagination is addictive like a drug.


1. Chapter 1.

My mind is full of thoughts and memories that won't rub out no matter how much I try. My Doctor couldn't  even help me get rid of horrible events and cruel imagination. I've tried so hard to get rid of them but I can't.

So once again I imagined a garden with grass, that felt like cotton on your feet, and blue birds tweeting on the wistful willow trees surrounding a golden lake that had ducks and swans with their magical feather that sparkled a lively aqua blue that could make anything bad or good. This garden was kept in my head for months, each time I closed my eyes I could see it right infront of me. It may sound strange to you but I bunk of school to keep on seeing my perfect world where I can actually feel, hear and even smell everything. So I decided to imagine that I could put each of my worries in a jar, tied with a ruby red ribbon. And each jar would be guarded by Scorpion, not an aggresive type but one that I have designed. These Scorpions have lilac skin with pincers that can only hurt the tresspassers or the thoughts in my wonderland. I cannot let anyone hurt my world because I have placed my heart in the bottom of the lake knowing that it's safer than my own body. I must defend my World, I must...

"Casey!" my mothers sudden voice drilled through my brain making me jump and have to leave the unfinished work in my world.

I looked up at her as she took her handbag down from the luggage compartment above our seats."Casey I have been calling you for ages to tell you that we are now and officially in Edinburgh," she told me.

I nodded my head and got up. Everyone around us looked tired out by the long journey.

I used to live in Paris but my mother suddenly decided that we should live in Edinburgh all the way up in Scotland.

We walked out into the dark rainy atmosphere after having collected our luggage and as soon as i had stepped out the plane I had a feeling that I would surely not like this country. I had not spoken a word to my mum ever since we sat on the plane in in Paris. 

my mum beckoned a black taxi and we got in ready to go to our new house, I felt relieved that we were in a taxi. Now I would finally have some time to finish protecting my world where I feel safe.

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