Little Daisy

A story about a girl whos life feels like it has been programmed to destroy no matter how many treats or opportunities she gets. One day she carelessly runs away from a little cottage in Britan to China, but obviously you can't run of the Planet. Can you?....


1. Introduction

Isabella Weatherby walked across the meadow with her boyfriend Gerald admiring the baby girl inside Isabella's stomach which would burst out a new life in 5 days. The meadow surrounding them was fully of daisies with many bees flying round helping flowers grow and improve through thier floral life. The sky was a blanket of pale blue with stripes of white scattered round like they were teddies chucked onto the blanket. Isabella inhaled the fresh smell of grass and flowers as they carried on walking to the village letting the day pass by. Both of them were clueless about what they were going to call the bump in Isabella's body, Gerald had only recommended Boy's names as she hasn't told gerald what gender their new baby is going to be. "Gerald" Isabella mumbled.

"Yes dear" Gerald replied. Isabella new Gerald could get angry so easily so she was afraid to say what she was going to say easy.

"Um, You know our baby?" Isabella asked.

"Yeeees" Gerald responded anxiously.

"Well it's a girl and I know you've always wanted a boy and- I'm so so so sorry" Isabella blurted out.

"A girl?" Gerald hissed.

"Yes, a girl" Isabella whispered combing her chesnut hair blowing in her face.

"Really, a girl?!".


"Are you fooling me, Izzie?!".

"No" Isabella said wrapping her arms around him.

Suddenly Gerald pushed her away and looked at her in absoloute disgust, the anger on his face made him bright red as his lips bulged containing whats going to come.

"Isabella, I cannot beleive you! Thats- Thats hideous!!!" Gerald howled.

"Well it's a jolly good job I told you!!!!" Isabella retorted.

"You know what forget it! Forget evrything, you and me are over!!!".

"Gerald, You can't it's not my problem! Look at me! I'm not bothered! And ya know what I'm glad you're leaving!!!" Isabella hissed. Isabella looked helpless at her baby and looked at Gerald stomping of in the distance. She did love Gerald from the top of her heart to the very bottom it's just he never loved or wanted her that much. Shimmering tear drops dripped out of her blue eyes which matched the sky , her long eyelashes looked like they were chucked in a pool by the time she unlocked her Daisy Cottage. Her cottage was coated with ivy and roses and the windows were full of grime showing off the age of this old house. Isabella packed her suitcase rapidly as she heard Gerald doing absoulutely the same.

"I don't see why you're packing" Gerald insulted.

"Uh" Isabella replied.

"I'm going, you're staying in this dump!" Gerald shouted as he finished of packing his clothes and started to move onto the tattered shoes what Isabella bought him when they first met.

"Actually these are going IN the BIN" He said breaking the silence what occurred many seconds ago.

"Gerald, no you can't!" Isabella pleaded.

"Well I am a Goodbye!" Gerald responded. Those were his last words in the household, Isabella savoured them until she heard the door slam from fury. Isabella stumbled down the wonky staircase to the rugged sofa were she placed the pictures of her baby ruining her slim body. Without Gerald she found it hard to decide what to call her, she started thinking of things she loved most like Roses, Poppies and Daisies. Daisies suddenly caught her, She loved the fresh scent outside her lonely house. She loved well, the Daises!

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