I Will Love You Forever.

Savannah's boyfriend Rob is going off to war. They have been dating for four years. She hates people who go to the army. They, have an issue.


1. Chapter 1



         "I love you." I say. "Please no." He replies "I love you too. But I have to." "No." "Yes." "Please." It's now just a whisper. I know I could scream it, just like the others have, but I do not. It's just to personal. They say it's okay. They pretend it's okay. But I know it's not. We all do.

      "I'm sorry." He says, against my wishes.

        Tears start falling, right then and there, in the middle of an airport.

       He grabs my chin and lifts it. I look into his sweet green eyes.

       "I love you so much. Much more than you could ever know." But I do know. That's what makes it hardest.

       The tears fall even harder.

       He pulls me close, and as I take in the smell of cologne, the way his hair just touches his forehead, everything else I love, I realize, this might be the last time ever in a couple of years to notice the things I've things I've taken for granted all these years.

       He brushes the hair out of my face.

      "Promise you'll write?" He ask, hopefully.

        "Of course." I replies, through the tears.

       This, except for when we were alone, is the first time I've aloud myself to cry.

         He pulls me over to sit on a bench. "Savannah," He says, "I'm sorry. But this is for the better. Of the country. Of the world."

       "Since when has killing people for the better!? I shout so loud everyone got silent, and absolutely everyone heard. But I didn't care. I let the starers stare. I was angry; I could've gotten up and left him there, regretful, but if his was killed in battle, I would never forgive myself.

        "I'm-I'm sorry Savannah." He says it so quietly it's barely audible.

         This, combined with all the stares of people, who, even though they won't admit it, think the exactly the same thing,  makes me feel absolutely, 100% terrible. Awful. Shameful.

         By now, people have gone back to their conversations. Some stare, but as soon as I look their way, they stop immediately, pretending they never noticed me at all.

        "No," I say, "I'm sorry. That was, um, it was, um..."

         I stumble, looking for something- the right thing- to say.

          "It's okay, I understand what you mean." Rob says, with a kiss on my forehead.

         I know what I said was wrong. It was the final line. The last straw. The unspoken law. The last cry in a battlefield.

         "Shake the thoughts of war of out your head." I tell myself.

          I look up into his sweet, green eyes, soft, just like an ocean, but it's green.

          His forehead barely shows because of his army cap.

           "I can't believe your going off to war for 2 years." I say upset, fighting off upcoming tears.

         "I know." he says. "You'll have to sing alone."

           He's joking, I know, but it only makes me sadder, because it reminds me when we met in freshman year.

        I was in a band and Rob was joining. I, had never met him.

          He showed up, and as we shook hands I told him we were going to be famous and if he wasn't serious he should just get up and leave. Cause we, we were going ALL the way.

       "Well, I'm not going all the way,  I'm joining the army. But, with my voice you might want to keep me, just for a bit." Right then, he winked at me.

         After he told me he was joining the army, which i was absolutely fuming about, the wink was what calmed me down a bit. I almost forgot how angry I was.


          "How could you join the army?!?" I scolded. "Thinking risking your lives, while killing others 'trying to help' will be good! Have you ever stepped to think what your doing is causing more harm? Ohh, and then you-"

           I could've gone on forever, but he cut me off.

         "What are you, a hippie?" I will be a third generation army man!" He informs me.

            "Ohh, will you now?!" I say.

          My best friend Rylee interjects.

            "Whoa guys, chill out. Just because you guys don't like each other, that doesn't mean we won't be awesome. Now come on, let's roll!

          I give him a face as I head for my microphone.

            "Oh, and by the way, my names Rob."

          "Thanks for sharing."

           "My pleasure."

               We ended up getting through practice without shoving a drumstick through each others heart.

               We came close though.

            Very close.

             But as months went by we could make it through a practice without killing each other. That turned into having conversation without waking up the whole neighborhood during napping hours. Before I knew it, I was falling for Rob. He never asked me out, nor did I. It just, kinda happened. But I really did love him.

           I changed my dream of becoming a singer and exchanged for an author. He, obviously stayed with the army thing. Any time we fought, which wasn't very often, it was always about the army.





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