Wishful Pen - Black Winds Book 1

Don't you wish you could change the world? The world Sephara has a unique feature, people born come with powers in shapes of items and body. Powers of different kinds give you power in the world as well. Have a weak power and you will fall the bottom of the society. I wish to change that...Do you think me an orphan living all alone can make a change in the world?


1. The Way of This World

Saphara, a lush world full of life everywhere, has an unique feature all human beings on this planet have special abilities. Some abilities come in items and others are attached to you, both have their strengths and weaknesses. Item abilities are in the shape of typical items found in the world like books, cell phones, or even pots. They are impossible to break or shatter, these item powers are indestructible. Attached abilities are a different story, they are also the most powerful usually to have. Think of it as flames emitting from your body or the ability to control water with just your mind. Not everything in Saphara is equal each ability type hates the other. Fighting would go out, item users versus attached users. The government tried there best to stop these fights taking place. The fighting got so terrible the government had to come up with a plan and quick before Chaos consumed the whole world. Thus, tournaments were created in which users of both types would battle it out for money it started off as a fight and now a sport. People would get fame and money inside of these tournaments, that's how you get power in the government from then on. Not all was good in the world of course, users without any good abilities would go down in society... many people would commit suicide for not having abilities of great strength, so there were many Orphans all alone in the world. Later on in the world, technology had developed and we were able to check the strength on our abilities from a scale of 1 to 1000. Scientists decided in order for these abilities to be studied they decided to put people in ranks, the government of course approved on this and people were living depending on high up on ranks they were, the better rank the better quality of living, the less rank the less quality of having a descent life. They also decided to divide powers by traits as well like flames with fire and ice with water, common items with neutral faction. From this method corruption had started, people of high class took advantage of people with lower class. People were separating even though this method was made to prevent fighting and keep people together. I disliked this world, people were stomped on by a broken system not everyone in this world was happy. No-one was treated equally it hurt to be separated from your friends just because of class. Teens on the streets would be treated as dogs with no food to eat in their own faction. Children were kept in facilities until they are age of 14 when their powers/abilities activated and were tested on the scale. Once they found their class and faction they would leave, therefore no children could be seen on the streets. I believed I could help make this world something way better than it is, tomorrow when I turn 14 I will join this tournament and take down the government, hopefully making the world I wish for of people all being equal.

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