My Sister Jodie

I have taken the story from Jacqueline Wilson and wrote what will happen next


1. What to Say

I don't know what to say Mom gave me this Diary to help me from the shock of Jodie Death.I still can't believe she's dead.It still hurts i try to love May she's beautiful but i love Jodie more.I missed the way Jodie rebelled,how she was how she was there for me every moment.My first word was Jodie believe me.She was there for me Diary if only i had been there and looked after her she would still been alive.Jodie see her name sounds beautiful.I'm wetting this Diary with my tears.Jodie i wish you were alive.I would've minded me being dead but not you Diary.Mom and Dad are still depressed the new school i have new friends but none like Jodie.Jodie oh Jodie.

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