Hello i'm Sabitha

Sabitha is any other Teenager.She has no special power,no blood thirsting vampires who want to seduce her and no Prince charming to take her to a fairy-tale.Instead she has to survive life with her two siblings and SCHOOL with horrible teachers.Please like and favourite.This is entered in the Diary Competition.


1. Bring your parent to school day

I found a word which tells me how i really am"Ordinary".Today was take your Parents to school day,I was actually looking forwards to it so i could impress my parents and get a phone and i knew Mom would be easier to impress but instead my brother had take your parents to school day on the same day as mine so Dad was coming to mine.I had to bring him to all my lessons i tried my best to act like a sensible student which was very hard.But then we had Killer Science with Mr.WormsWorth he told i was a disruptive student and that all my work was appalling and that i didn't let others to learn and was very cheeky.I felt like i could strangle my science teacher and put worms and snakes all over him so he would look like Medusa.It was so unfair cause today i was going to get a new phone after months of begging and now Mr.Worm ruined it from now on i will call him Mr.Worm and be more cheeky he deserves that. "The sadness feel like the weight of the world dragging me down. Mr. Worm ruined everything Just everything. How is a kid to come back from this?"!Mr.Worm and Dad have so much in common there both evil,like golf,hate children and like Peas.Got to go and impress Mum now will probably take me months.Got to go and impress mum.Cause i need a phone i'm so desperate i will beg.Bye!

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