Cold Eye

My name is Azura, I'm 14 years old. My parents died, when i was only five years old, and that changed my life....
I'm all alone in this world, everyone hates me. When i come walking into the village, everyone stares at me, with that look i hate so much, it pains me. they whisper about me, hide their children behind their bag, but they have a good reason for doing that, because I can not feel anything warm, all i can feel is, coldness, misery, pain, sorrow, and hate. i feel nothing, but when i look into that nothingness, i feel pain, i feel hate, i feel the misery inside of me, and all that makes me scary, for all the people around me. so tell me mom, who is going to save me from this misery....


1. quote

My feelings are cold and hard,

but deep inside of me,

there is something,

something warm,

someone just have to reach it,

 reach my heart.

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