A taste of blood

Its basically a story about a (little unnatural) girl. I haven't planned ahead so well see where it goes.

Also anybody who`s going to comment on my grammar might as well go to hell...cause i really dont care, enjoy the story, leave feedback (good or bad...and not on grammar) and then wait for next chapter.


1. So yea...this is me


I opened my eyes and closed them again, Cursed sunlight.

Without opening my eyes again I stopped the clock from awakening the entire neighborhood with its beeping. I got up and stumbled out of bed and in front of my mirror to make me ready for today.

I looked in the mirror and sighed, somewhere there had to be a big box of bad hair-days, and I apparently was the top one on the black-list.I grabbed my hairbrush and started brushing my hair. When I was finally done I looked in the mirror again, much better. The long black hair was lying down my back, it almost reached my hips.

Next step was to get my face ready, but that wasn’t too bad, I didn’t use a lot of make-up. It doesn’t really help when your skin looks like snow.

Next thing on the list was clothes. I looked in my wardrobe, mostly black. It wasn’t that I’m like emo or anything, I just feel safer in black. I think it’s part of my change. Oh did I forget. Yea I’m a vampire. Not a normal one as the ones you read about.

I can: be out in the sunlight without dying, be in a church without burning and eat other things than blood. I do not get annoyed by crosses (unless someone is waving it at my face, but everyone gets annoyed by that). I’m basically just a normal girl with some drinking issues, and I don’t mean alcohol.

When I finally got dressed up and ate my food (just normal corn flakes). I got up grabbed my, very empty, bag, and went outside. The sunlight irritated me a bit, but I’m used to it by now. On the way to school I mentally prepared myself for what lied ahead. “Listen” I said to myself “it’s nothing, just a class full of people I don’t know. An entire day of awkwardness but it’s fine. I will be happy, friendly and open to new people”.

My false visions of happiness shattered as I received a text from my mom. “Remember to be open and friendly to your new classmates, and a happy smile wouldn’t hurt either”. I sighed, my mom really knew how to ruin days like these. I changed schools a lot while I lived with my mom. An effect of my “condition” is that I age a lot slower, I’m 26 now and I still go in 9th grade.

So I have to move a lot to avoid suspicions. So I try not to make too many friends. I also lived with my mom until I was 20, she didn’t think that just because I actually wasn't as young as I look I should be out there by myself. And it would probably have stayed like that until she died if it wasn't for a little accident a couple of years ago.

You see as I grow older, my bloodlust grows too. And one night I simply couldn’t control it. My mom was in the hospital for a week. After that I insisted on that she would let me go for her own good, she agreed, barely. And she still texts me every day, not that I mind.

I texted her back, “I’m gonna try but you know how it always ends”. She answered quickly, “yes I know but give it a go”. “ill try” I answered then turned off my phone, enough was enough after all. Also, I was almost at my class, I could hear shouting and other loud noises. I stopped outside the door, built up some courage, and knocked. 

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