The adventures of Trevor Dash

A story about best mates. (Full name: Trevor Dash. Nick name: Travis) :)


1. The water tower

“So what you are saying. With your own words. Is that, you like me. You really like me… Im a man, im not a woman, im not gay. I wouldn’t go gay for anyone, and especially not you. I thought you we’re my best mate. I was wrong” I was frustrated, so I did as I always do.

I took a cigarette, smoked for a while and looked at him again “Listen, im just a teenage boy like you. I understand if you’re confused, or something… but really im not your type, and you’re not mine. I think it’s best, if we’re not friends anymore” I look over the forest from the central water tower of this town, Eddy looked shy at me now, he was blushing, I never seen him like that before, so you could understand it was hard for me.

“So I can see, im the one who’s gonna leave first”

“Trevor please… I…”

“Eddy you have been my best mate for centuries but, I can’t look at you the same way. Im going home”

“Travis please listen to me”

“I think you said enough already” my voice aren’t mad, im not mad but chocked and a little be confused. Eddy got up fast and took two large steps at me, he suddenly pushed me up against the water tower, I looked at him “Eddy what the heck are you doing?”

“Have you ever kissed a boy before?”

“Are you bloody deaf? I just said to you, im not gay!” I kinda yelled at him there, I never done that in an angry tone before.

“I’ve had seen you with a lot of girls…”

“So? You been with a lot of girls to…”

“Yeah, all the girls you get me”

“what do you want be to say, im freaking sorry! I didn’t know you were fucking gay” I yelled again, right at his face. I tried to come free, but god he is so fucking strong.

His face was getting pretty red, he is one powerful jackling. After all we trained a lot in the younger days.

“I only had eyes for you all along”

“What the fuc…” and so he kissed me, my first kiss with a boy. In the moonlight on the water tower, sound pretty sugar romantic right?  Well then I think my fist in this face, is pretty much ruining everything am I right! As I saw him lying on the ground, under me I felt nothing for him anymore. Im still the same, im the one no one talks to or make fun off, whiteout getting kicked in the balls. He looked up at me, a little bloody mouth, from his lip.

I spit at him “Don’t ever touch me again, you freaking penis sucker! Or I kill you” and so I left, walked home in this darkness, only whit the moon as my light.

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