To The Unknown

A poem of love and friendship never found


1. To The Unknown

I was a child beneath the trees, wishful and wondering, waiting for you.

You never came.


For you I learned the world, I planned for you my strength,

I wearied in the lamplight, that I might give you my knowledge

You never came to find it.


We stood at the edge of the wirlpool, we who were side by side,

But I was born and you were forgotten.


You whom I need to live, creation had forgotten you,

You could have made me strong

You could have made me proud

You were the friend who never came,

You were the friend who was never born,

And without you the world was dim.


I stood like a child at the gateway, watching the lonely road.

Though the wind stirred the dust in the distance, I watched to see your face,

Only the evening came.


Now I have ceased my watching and gaze from the gate no longer,

Now I must leave the shadows and walk in the dark, down the evening road,

You I shall never meet.

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