What if you knew everything?
What would that make you?
Or a destinct creature, bound to be alone because you were invincible and immortal.
No. It would make you lonely...

This story is about a boy, who meets a Vastata Infelix Immortalis, an immortal being from before the Dawn of Time.
The Vastata teaches him about it's breed, or genus, and he is soon sucked into their world of immortality.

Please comment and give constructive critism! :)
(A/N: this is my first english short story, so if there is any technical errors, please tell me!!)


1. Hello there


 My name is Lyra and i am a Vastata Infelix Immortalis, or 'devastated, unhappy immortal (being).

Ever heard of those? No?

Thought so.

Maybe it is because we are extremely rare.


Do you know what we are?

We are the only omniscient creatures to ever conquer this dimension. We are immortal, invincible and self-destructive, but more important and sometimes fatal, lonely.



My story is not ment  to continue. I am going to be killed the only way possible, killed by my love.

He promised to do it soon.

I allready gave him my heart, my soul.

The only thing he needs to do, is stab it, and I'm gone forever.


Sweet, blessing sleep.

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