Every human has the same basic stuff, but writers, well we are extraordinary.


1. The Random Abilities Of Random Writers

Writer are extraordinary beings that are able to imagine the unimagined.

We have the ability to think in our imaginations and let them go out of control without fearing where we might end up.

We also have the ability completely block things for example someone could be talking to you and you can competently block off their voice from your ears (and I mean competently).

We like being around people, never to be left alone but then we have those random moments where we just want to be left untouched and not have to talk to someone.

We get really annoyed when people say that they hate books and that they are boring (i personally blow up like a volcano) . 

We like to imagine ourselves in unbelievable situations for example what would it feel like to be the opposite gender or to be rich or poor. 

We also do not feel emotional during films because as writers ourselves we know how to create such a scene or character so we know how the actors act.

In the end writers are just , well, RANDOM.

Some writers write constantly, and other spend half their lives suffering from Writer Block but when they do create something it is so amazing that their hand does not write as fast as their brain is shouting at them to do so, other writers just imagine and imagine and imagine, write a little then imagine again that write a little more than imagine...........

What sort of a writer are you ?   


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