a misunderstanding holiday.

this a diary of a boy who is going on a holiday but not the one he likes and when gets him self in a fight. He just my face his death who will stop them? what will stop them? find
out yourself.


1. The trip begun

"Are we there yet dad"Greg demanded."No!" "are we there yet dad" he repeated.

"oh can you just sleep like Rowley and stop asking! dad shouted. "Sadly i can't"Greg joked. Greg suddenly stopped laughing and shouted "Rowley sleeping dad"! "you must be kidding me dad" Greg exclaimed. "look at the front

mirror"dad told him. "Manny sleeping,mum sleeping,Rowley sleeping." Greg 

sighed. "I wish Rodrick was here not really but he wouldn't have slept like mum,Rowley and Manny."Greg thought "I knew i was going to sleep but i couldn't i would be embarrassed again"he thought. His eyes gently shut.

All Greg dreamed about was $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ translation money.

And pretty much thats what happened i guess snore snore snore.


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