It's A Love Story:3

Okay, It's not the best. But it's real... ITS SHIT ACTUALLY LOL


1. First loves are always the sweetest...

Imagine having the sweetest boy at the age of ten. Imagine being the couple of the school, imagine being in love and not wanted just so he can kiss you and show you off. Imagine that. That was so long ago that I can't even imagine it any more... but believe it or not, I was his girl. 

I was ten years old, barley living and at the higher years of primary school. It was a relationship but not the ones I picture now. Now I want relationships where we go to town, post photos of us to Facebook and spend time talking and kissing. You imagine that too? Love isn't always a swag note, trust me. Back then, for me, love was having is mum like you and invite you round every week, love was sitting in his room having awkward conversations, it was borrowing his clothes when you end up staying the night and waking up to find him watching you no matter how ridiculous your hair looked that morning. You still don't think that this is love? I guess not seeing as I was young, but my memories make it love, my memories make it beautiful. 

It wasn't real at first. The start was just a little fling, talking more and helping our mums to talk more, well it worked. We instantly became closer and I got to know him. He was quiet and sweet and never expressed any emotions to me, it was OK, I never did either. Sounds pathetic I know, but it was sweet when we put our emotions into gifts, he bought me jewelry and we had our first little dinner in a little restaurant. at the age of ten still. It was sweet, I loved it. People at school began to know and soon it was spread. A few people laughed and made jokes, but all in innocence. The class player at the time wasn't exactly my biggest fan and she may have been jealous... hehee...

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