Impulsive. Fantasy.
Mathew, Charlene and Dave. A ticking bomb, a true demon, a perfect weapon.
Ready to fight?


1. However..


In my head..

He wasn't afraid. His soul was clear, shiny. His eyes were amazing, deep, dangerous. The black hair was.. incredible. He made his way through the grass, jumped to a tree, like he'd done it a hundred of times before. The moonlight showed the church and the graves, the air shaked his hair lightly, and he took his weapon. They were near. And they weren't harmless. He wasn't afraid.


You could see it in his eyes. Deep, serious, concentrated. He knew what he did. And which problems it might course. He heard a scream. They were close, he could hear their wings. The scream choked him. The air ran over his whole body, he closed his eyes. He felt the wind, smelled the creatures that were coming. He fell.

She saw him fall from the rocks, the paradise above them. She knew him, and she could hear his breath even at a distance like that. She turned her cat ears, a noisy sound was behind her, a few meters away. She stood in the light of the moon, with her short hair everywhere. She didn't fear the creature that made the sound. She just felt her power, and heard the creature take it's last breath. It fell from the tree, and it made a dump sound as it reached the earth. A crachlich, expected, but this was a big one. They had changed, became more dangerous, and she could see the life passing away.

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