Diary of, well ........

Diaries, every darn one of them only ever contains feeling, secrets,and life.
Phft, not this, in fact this is not even a diary, It is a blackmail journal, as I like to name this useless paper bound in a leather cover.
If you say "this has secrets written in it" then you are very wrong because I would be very happy to read out these secrets in public. In the end what do I have to loose I not the one who got myself into their situations, I merely just find them because their not good enough to keep their secrets secret enough...


1. 24th april 1864


I am actually not quite sure why I am writing in this journal nothing too exiting does happen in my life. And anyway whatever I am to write in here will probably end up being read by older brother  Nicholas whom I tell most my secrets anyway.

That is only if you don't know the truth or I should rather say want to know the truth. To tell you the truth there actually is no truth and even if there was one why would I write it down in this journal only to be read by some random whom I do not even know.

And anyway every diary/journal that I have ever laid eyes upon, 17 to be exact I just happen to belong to a very large family and I also just happen to be very talented at the art slyness (not pick pocketing) as I was saying they always have secret held deep within, that only the person them self knows and well, me.

Who is Me I hear you wonder?

Do you seriously wish to know?

Well I am the evil mastermind that rules over your life controlling every bad deed you do...

Only joking although I Am War Pigeon.

Ok fine I am Julius Vanhove son of Nathan Vanhove (a well known, very wealthy and highly honoured family). I am eighteen years old and am in my last year of school at Eton College. I have an older Brother named Nicholas Vanhove who is twenty and two years old and is training to be a Barrister. I guess you say that I am quite close to my brother; we actually do look very alike and most people misjudge us and think that we are twins. But we most certainly are not (thank God) to tell you the truth I am probably the better looking brother.

I think there is a cat in my bureau.

Okay that was weird I actually just wrote out what I was thinking.

Anyway as I was writing, that is actually all you do really need to know about me and my family. I could tell you everyone’s secretes but that would be rude. And plus I am saving those secretes to be used as blackmail.

There really is not any more to write about me other than the fact that I am actually the Queen’s personal messenger who knows everything that must be kept hidden such as the secret affair she is having. By thunder I cannot believe I just told you my secret truth.

I guess I shall just have to burn this journal and banish its existence from the face of this sinful Earth.

What a waste of good paper.

Am i really who i say I am.

Goodbye Journal...   

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