Montauk Project

Based in the Mass Effect universe created by Bioware, this is the journey of a drell and human boy, Folger and Liam Gray, and how their friendship is tested when slaver's and terrorist's take away everything they have known and loved, leading in very different paths for the two.


1. The Marianna


No-one could have seen this coming.


Liam Gray sat in the cold, dark cargo bay of a ship he had come to know as being called, "Marianna". The crew spoke of it if she had feelings, as if she was a real, living person. When you're captured by slavers with minimal food, water, and with nothing to do, day after day, you begin to take notice of everything around you. It's the only way to make time go quicker. Which may not be the best idea, for all Liam knew, time was something he didn't have a lot of left.


"Saddle up boy's, almost there" snarled one of the guards watching over the prisoners. They were all male. Most of the female's had been slaughtered, and those who had survived had been taken away on an entirely different ship. Liam bowed his head, not daring to think what would have become of those woman. Some had just been young girls, Asari, Human, Drell, it didn't seem to make any difference to these mercenaries. 




12 days before...



"No, everyone know's that Rakhana was the Drell's home world, it did not belong to anyone else before us."


"How can you be sure, Folger? I've heard stories that it belonged to the Densorin first. Which would likely mean your race are descendants of them."


Liam Gray and Folger Ro had been helping prepare for the lab tests, when their discussion came up. Doctor Stephen Gray, Liam's father, was a scientist working on Kahje. He was there for one reason : to study Kepral's Syndrome, and attempt to find a cure. It was his life's work, and after 25 years, he had a breakthrough. Kahje was the home world to the hanar and now the drell. Originally from Rakhana, the drells world became too destroyed from pollution, so the hanar rescued many and brought them here. Unfortunately, the climate is too humid for the drell to live comfortably, meaning they must stay within the climate controled cities. This humidity, was a leading cause for Kepral's, but Dr. Gray along with leading hanar scientists, believed they had finally found a way to stop future drell from developing it.


"Nobody knows anything about the Densorin. You can't just combine stories you hear of an ancient race and assume they are accurate. Thinking has never been your strongest skill, Liam" laughed Folger.  

"True, using your head was always more your thing" replied Liam. "I'm just thinking outside the box. If the drell had been an adaptation of an older species, then it kind of prove's genetically your capable of changing significantly."


"That is not accurate at all. It doesn't prove anything. These are just whispers and tale's people have more than likely made up over time, drawing their own conclusions. But going on your theory, answer me this : If the drell really are descended from the Densorin, how do you know nothing changed other than the name? They could have been genetically the same as us in every way, but some time in history, the name was changed." Folger smiled as he finished making his point.


"Uh, yeah I guess that's a good point actually" replied Liam. There was no use arguing. He knew Folger was most likely correct, and his point was valid. "Lets go and see if my dad need's any..."


The door to the supply room the boy's had been in came crashing in. Three, fully armed, men came crashing in and punched Folger to the ground, stomping on him when he was down. Liam threw a punch at one of the men, connecting with his jaw, but seconds later he was knocked down when one of the other's grabbed him and threw him across the room. Two of the men tied him up, whilst the other continued to beat on Folger.


"Dont need us no 'lil drell kid now do we lad's?" laughed the thug kicking Folger. He seemed to be unconscious. Liam could barely see him, he had his own blood gushing into his eyes.


"Kill 'im Lance, we gotta get moving. Orders 'woz to get human males, never said 'nuffin about them drells, they aint 'wurf a 'fing." one said as he picked up Liam and slung him over his shoulder. "Let's get this 'un to the ship, 'urry up and we'll meet you back there." As they left, Lance drew his pistol, and put it right into Folgers mouth.


"Nah, I wan't you to bleed, 'lil drell" Lance smirked, changing his mind as he holstered his pistol. He drew a blade tucked into his boot out,  and in one lunge stuck it right into Folgers side. "Enjoy what's left kid" said Lance as he turned and walked way, knocking over tables of medical supplies and destroying what was left of the lab.

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