And we meet. Finally.

He is Manmay (me). An engineering student, bored as hell, seeking redemption through facebook.
She is Neha. Also an engineering student; talented, beautiful, good at everything, everyone's dream girlfriend material.
Manmay's redemption takes her to Neha. They both meet on facebook and off they go.
They become very good friends and look forward to talking with each other. Manmay wants to meet her, but she doesn't show any of those sign. It's been 10 months they have known each other, yet they haven't met.
Their friendship had just been limited to facebook. Although, Manmay tried 2 times to meet her, devising plans for the same, but to his dismay they failed.
He plans to meet her this time no matter what.

Will he meet her?

This is the story how things turned from being virtual into real.


1. Devising the perfect plan.


30th of December; who would have thought that it would a date to conjure up!  

My phone beeped. It was a text message from her.

You know what; tomorrow we have an inter college debate competition at my college premises… I’m the only 1st year, from my college, to go for it... But I haven’t yet prepared for it… Unable to collect info because of poor net connection… I’m too worried as of now.”  

I switched on to  consolation mode. She used to get nervous before every other competition; who wouldn’t be? Somehow, I calmed her down, eased her nerves. Whenever she looked out for me, I was there.  

After delivering a good night message, I asked her to be confident for the competition and wished her a blissful sleep. My bed now called out for me; with two pillows, one beneath for my head to rest on and another for my legs, I jumped in.  Hey! Don’t get worked up and try to think all those nasty stuff, if that’s what coming to you guys right now. Ha-Ha!  

Dude, how the fuck can you sleep when she just said she has a debate competition, tomorrow 9A.M. at her college premises itself?” my mind fired me with a question.

So what if she has a competition tomorrow? Didn’t I just wish her good luck for that already? What more can I possibly do from here?” I replied

Make plans you Moron! You know the place, the time and for God’s sake, her college is in your city itself. You can make plans to visit her, I mean see her. You always wanted that, didn’t you? You have made plans twice already, right? Try this time again.”

Are you fucking kidding me? You know exactly what happened the last two times when I had planned something like that!

I know, but I have a better, full-proof & 100% effective plan this time. Trust meJ.”

You are me and I’m you. How can I not trust myself? Shoot me the plan.” I was starting to get excited by now, pining to hear out the plan.  

The plan:

1. Since I have never been to her college before, so I didn’t know the address. Google Map the address.

2. Find the place where the competition was going to take place.  

3. Search for her face in the crowd.

4. Few minutes into it, retreat. Task Accomplished.  

See, as simple as that. You don’t intend to meet her right?” it asked me after narrating me the plan of action.

Nahhh! I don’t think I’m ready to. It gets me mild heart strokes just to talk over the phone, talking face to face will surely kill me on the spot…” I answered  …  but what if she spots me before I spot her? What am I supposed to say if she asks me why I was there? Might raise questions, doubts in her mind, don’t you think? ”

I have planned that too. PLAN B.” “And what does it say?”  

I finally was done with the planning and yes, it sounded better and full-proof plan this time. Finally, I felt my brain is serving the mere purpose of what it was made for. I was excited & nervous but somehow, I finally went to sleep.  BIG DAY tomorrow.


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