I Will Protect Them


1. I will protect them!


My hand slashes through the masses.

To protect you, my hands with titans clashes.

My fear is no longer here, it has gone abroad.

If you want to live, then jump aboard.


Don't be like the mindless horde, they don't know what is right and what is wrong.

A struggle so perpetual, yet I cannot give up.

Never ending, never losing, never winning.

Much pain, no gain.


To assist in the struggle won't be a gain, rather in vain.

I must be going insane.

I take who I trust, and those that I must.

The weak, I will only purge, I will only thrust.


It is the dawn of their doom.

I'll be reborn in a cocoon.

Very soon.


A new order will rise,

to the weak and evils demise.

Have faith in me, together we'll save the world, the earth.

Very unlike the nefarious herd.


We cannot lead them, it is too late,

grab what you got and make your escape.


Before you succumb,

in this rotten dump,

what we call the world today,

it will soon have faded away.


This place will be shattered,

human splattered and battered.

Like a virus they are, reckless and without care,

I don't get how they dare.


Go up against nature, a mother.

One who would never smother.

Like a virus they are,

a huge scar,

breed and destroy,

thinking this world's a toy.


You are the disease, I am the cure,

I know, it sounds so obscure.

I am not like they,

if I may,

say that I'm true..

Just like you.


To create a new world,

not controlled by greed and pain.

We will create a world,

like planting grain.


Those that follow me will do,

together, we'll pull through.

I will protect them.


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