1. Firewall


You have a way pinching me down easily

And when you take you take the very best of me

You do what you want even calls my mom a whore

But now when I’m sitting here thinking secretly

I can’t prove to anyone what you did still she

Has bruises on her soul she wont admit and I’m sure

I’ll protect her forever with my firewall of love


You’re in my veins and in my blood

I’m ashamed to admit I’ve loved you once

Your blue eyes they lie so strong

I wait for the day someone tells me I’m good

But I’ve never been one of your wishing sons

I don’t bother anymore my life is long

And I hate you now


Sometimes I kick a smile on my lips just for you

I smile so strongly and always secretly so fake

It’s hard to look away from the past you’ve done

Still I do get up and pretends timorously you don’t see a clue

I could earn millions telling people this tale

But hopefully the future appears and pasts will be gone

I’ll abandon her with my firewall of love

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