Chosen by the Hands of God


1. Chosen by the God Hand


A voice shattered the sky and tore away the sun. Only if I was willing to cut my ties with humans, my past and the emotions I once harboured I could become more powerful, surpreme, superhuman.. Inhuman.

To break away from the chains that hold me to the ground, to soar through the red sky when the sut sets, to do that, I have to break away, I have to destroy this cage of humanity.

Solitude is a question that I must answer.

I must be taught, I already learned the hard way not to trust humans, if I let them touch my heart, it'll deteriorate, their deceit, their lies, their dark past and their unstable nature - I must tear the human feelings out of my body to become surpreme, unstoppable, a juggernaut.

No human can ever be so true, so good and bathed in light as I.

Stabbed in the back with a knife so cold, pierced through my heart, blood escaping my veins.

I came, I conquered, good and kind but I was rewarded with nothing, not in the end, deceit and lies, psychopatic unstability and blind heart, it's no reward for the faint hearted.

Wisdom may reveal itself in shocking truth, experience will come as a lightning striking from the ground.

Tsh.. I guess that's just human nature, they can't even care for the ones they love, for their own kind.

This music, this tune, this harmony.. A symbol of loneliness, a sign of melancholy, I love how it embraces my body and mind, true beauty even in the sadness.

It's always been a burden to see the truth and to try to believe the lies, so one could live in blissful ignorance,. but never was I able to, it was not my skill to be untrue nor stupid.

I value chastice, purity, truth, forgiveness, compassion, strength, power and honour.

I have often roared as my hand pierced through the air hitting a bag that served it's purpose.

Destruction has often been in my vessel, to be poured upon what I reacted against, inanimate objects that served to relieve me of my anger, my wrath, my rage.

Branded with the burning mark of war, a heart of love and light.

Flesh of purity and power, bones of vitality and stability.

The gentle hands of forgiveness, the strong mind of a warrior.

A soul so ancient and true.


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