Going to see The Wanted!

This story is a true story of when I went to see The Wanted at their Birmingham radio tour BRMB, Capital and Heart.


1. The Morning!

I stopped at my mate Nickie's the night before because she was coming with me. In the morning my mate rang me because I was supposed to be going to college that day but I couldn't miss out on seeing The Wanted especially when there was a chance of us meeting them. So I faked being ill and me and Nickie went downstairs and got ready. Before we got the bus we went to the shop to get some skittles because Jay loves them, But instead Nickie persuaded me to get haribo's instead. Anyway we got to the bus stop and got on the bus to town. The thing was both me and Nickie had never been to the BRMB station before so we got lost.

When we got to the library in town my mate chanel who was also going with her mom Ella, sister Paris and her mate Amy, called me and asked me where we were, I told her how I was lost and didn't know where to go, so Ella came and got me. We walked down to where it was and trust me you couldn't miss it with lots of screaming girls outside. When I got there I introduced Nickie to them all and I got introduced to Amy. Nickie complained of a bad belly so she said she was going home and told me to say hi to Nathan for her.

After 10 mins she gone Chanel and I thought it was funny to write Nathan on my head with eyeliner and TW <3 on my cheek, It was so funny. After a while The Wanted boys got there and were looking out the window we could see Jay having a picture with a cardboard cut-out of, I think it was Katy Perry, anyway he was there.

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