Unmasking Pandora

Seth Kaufman is a normal boy, with a normal family and a normal life. The only thing abnormal about him is his reoccurring dream he has about a box and a girl called Pandora. At seventeen years of age, he still sees the dream as just that: a dream. But after meeting Lacie, a young mischievous girl, Seth starts to think that maybe his dream is something much more than that.


1. Preface

There were so many screams and so much panic. The walls were lit with the flames of unholy fires, the richly coloured curtains were falling down, and paintings were stained black. Alice Cooper was no-where to be seen. The nursery had been burnt down, and the kitchen was still ablaze, the drawing room was littered with smashed glass but there was no sign of Alice.  

"Amelia, have you seen your sister?"

"Mother, I can't find her anywhere!"  

"Oh, where could she be? Alice! Alice, where are you?"  

"Alice? Alice! Mother, look, look! Out there, is that her?"  

Outside, gushes of wind nipped at Alice's little face, but it didn't disturb the sleeping child. Embraced in the arms of Patricia Anderson, Alice didn't stir at the sound of her family. The smile plastered across Patricia's face didn't falter as she heard the angry cries calling out to the young girl. It made her smile wider. Her pink lips moved quickly, her voice barely audible as she whispered lyrically, gently lulling the child to sleep. "It's a shame really," Patricia murmured, her eyes glinting with madness, "You don't know how lucky you are, little Alice, but that's all about to change." She looked over to the shadows, and she grinned widely.

"Patricia, my love, is the singing really necessary?" Gabe Anderson's face showed no sign of hilarity, but his voice said otherwise, tainted lightly with a fair amount of humour as he gazed curiously at his wife.  

"But of course, little Alice won't be around to see anything else happen, a little singing isn't going to hurt," Patricia replied coolly, her eyes snapping back to Alice's face. Alice turned in the older woman's arms, her sleep barely disturbed by the agony around her.

"Might as well get this over with," Gabe looked at his pocket watch, both hands pointing at the twelfth hour, "It's midnight,"

"Can you see your daughter, Marie? Can you? Can you see how gently she lies in my arms?" Patricia called out, her gaze meeting Alice's mothers. Marie Cooper continued to scream for her daughter, begging for her to be let go, to be unharmed. Patricia laughed nastily at Marie's attempts to spare her youngest daughters life.  

"Oh Marie, it's not your fault, blame John. After all, Pandora's reincarnation comes from his side of the family. Do you know how long I've waited for this moment?"  

"Leave her alone! Patricia she's just a child, leave her be!"  

Patricia's shrill laugh pierced through the night, "And let this opportunity go to waste? My, my, the fumes must have affected your brain little sister or I would have said that you don't know me at all," Her wicked grin melted to a tight line, her eyes flecked with crazed hunger.  

"Hurry my love, we don't have much time," Gabe urged.  

"The stars and the heavens above are my witness, so hear me now," Patricia's voice magnified, echoing through the darkness, "The legend of Pandora will be no more,"  

There was a strangled cry, a scream of fury, and Seth Kaufman woke up with a start, beads of sweat dripping down his face.

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