Diary of Samantha Meek

Okay first of this is a diary version of Warflight so every chapter in this diary will be posted after the chapters in the story version.


1. 17th January 1939

17th January 1939


A war broke out today. Arthur and I helped our mother and siblings escape when the German owls attacked. We reached The Great Owl Tree which is the heart of owl kind, there were many more owls there many were injured. I overheard the army, I heard them say they were low on soldiers as many had died and soon the Enemy would attack here and there would be no where else to go. I realized that my family were in danger. I knew I had to do something, I had joined the army. We were soon informed that the German had trapped us in, meaning that everywhere around us had been attacked. Realization hit  me and I soon began to notice that there was no happiness but sadness everywhere you turned to look. Why? I just didn't understand who could do such things. They army had to leave the same day as I came to the Owl Tree. Arthur wanted to come but I knew mother and my siblings couldn't survive without either one of us. I told him to stay and look after them and he did. Before I left his words were the last I heard from my family. He told me if I did not survive this war than he will not stop till they returned what they took and he won't stop until the mission has been fulfilled. I nodded and that's when I left for war.


Not long after we were ambushed by the enemy. A few died, many injured but we managed to pull through. We set camp at a old rotten Anderson Shelter. Not long after were we once again attacked by pack rats. I received a few scratches nothing serious. I found this diary under some wooden boards where the rats appeared from and that's how I found this. It already had a few notes in but they weren't much use. Though for some reason I had a feeling it was important but I am certain it's just me being cautious. Oh well, but I got to stop writing as I want to ration the pages. I hope my family are safe and that they come to no harm.

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