Image: papermoneywallpapers.com


1. Wealth


Anything in excess is bad,

But an excess of wealth, never makes a mortal sad.

Alas! A human being is never satisfied,

His needs, wants and desires are rarely ever gratified.

A humble abode, he always resents,

For comfort and relaxation, he needs a luxury apartment.

Expensive gems and gyms, take care of his health,

Friends and females, flatterers and fine people, are all lured by his wealth.

Designer clothes and accessories affect his deportment,

People hesitate to meet the wealthy man, without an appointment.

To his servants, he assigns all his work,

And greets everyone with a smirk.

He makes rules for others to abide,

After all, the best friend of wealth is pride.

Alas! Wealth cannot buy real respect, love and friendship,

If not used properly it always causes pain and hardship.

Remember friends, wealth befits only the wise,

For others it sponsors and supports all manner of vice



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