In the future in the year 2080, a huge chunk of the world has been destroyed. America and Europe are now completly unlivable, while the rest of the world has been badly damaged, only Africa is safe to live in. Very few people remain alive from America and Europe, only around 1,000 survived, the survivors known as the Ater Reliquia. The Ater Reliquia are considered unworthy to live well because they were suuposed to die. Forced to work as slaves by the Principes Mundi, the newly formed Goverment, the Ater Reliquia don't have it easy.

One hundred years later it the year 2180, nothing has changed but the Ater Reliquia have trippled in numbers.

One girl , Lola, who is a Normalis Mundi loves to draw, especially people in the strange fashions her and all the other Normalis Mundi and the Principes Mundi wear.
Lola is discovered and noted to become the next big designer but everything goes wrong. Her mother tells her she is not a Normalis Mundi nor a Ater Reliquia. She's both.


1. Being Lola


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