Grandfather Clock

This is a poem about a guy who wants to forget all that he's been through,but time constantly reminds him of the pain.I hope you enjoy this as much as I've enjoyed writing it =)


1. Grandfather Clock

Its ageless body of armour,
Twisted in thorns of anguish and age,
Shatters the glass with its almighty force,
And resounds a timeless echo of agony,
Leaving specks of dusts on broken pieces.
Its discreet murmur triggers a painful memory,
Unveiling a long forgotten past,
Like an endless torment of mutilation.
Though it was nothing more but a grandfather clock,
That slowly ticks with the passage of time,
Its face remains a betraying fathomless tomb,
That goes on and on,
Like a bottomless pit of darkness,
Leaving him muffled in his own sorrowful cries,
Echoing and wallowing in utter silence...
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