Froggie Kiss


1. Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me quick

Once upon a time there was a Prince named Arthur, he was a miserable Prince, heartbroken because he couldn’t find a Princess. All the girls he had interviewed had been either interested in the things he wasn’t interested in or weren’t very pretty. They all preferred blonde Princes with blue eyes, not dark-haired Princes with green eyes. He truly was lonely and miserable.

One day, Arthur was sitting by the fish pond, wondering whether he should give up on looking for his Princess, when out of the blue a magical frog appeared at his side.

“Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me quick!!!” it said.

“Kissing frogs is for Princesses NOT for Princes! It would never work” replied the Prince sadly.

“Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me QUICK!!!” said the frog again.

“If I kiss you will you PLEASE stop pestering me, your only making my heart sink further into depression.” The Prince pleaded.

“Kiss, Kiss, KISS!!” the frog called out again. And with that the Prince held the frog up to his lips and kissed it. PIFF!!! PUFF!!! POFF!!! There was a flash of light, and a purple mist surrounded the Prince instantly.

When the mist cleared, the Prince looked around him, the frog was gone and again his heart sunk deeper into depression. He got up and walked into the palace.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, there is a mile long line of Princesses wanting to be your new wife, just come and look!!!” cried the Princes butler. And just as the butler had said a mile long line on girls were waiting outside the door.

“Your Majesty, you look strangely different....... Have you done something to your hair?” questioned the butler.

“No,” replied the Prince, “Not that I know of.” He went to the large hallway mirror and there staring back at him was a tall, blonde, blue eyed Prince. Before he had time to react, a beautiful young girl came through the door and said, “Soooooo!!! Do you like your new look?” The Prince was astonished, “How do you know about my new look???”

“Well I made it happen, you kissed me remember!!”” She  replied.


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