immortal occoult

Thers a secret dimention full of witches called Neucoven, humans arnt supposed to find out about them , but when young ella gets drawn into wicca she descovers the secret dimention full of witches she finds a portal leading their. then she falls on love with a boy their. the witches are threathed by her and the punishment is death. until the witches discover a way for her to be with her true love , but she has to let go of alll her friends amd family


1. Return

"Home im home why does that seem like a lie"? Ella was looking in the mirror, just to see a totally diffrent girl that the one that was just looking back at her 2 moths ago.  Ella and her aunt just got back from their summer holiday in france Ella had sinse she was 12. But this year it was different, as only 2 months ago her parents , joe and miranda, died in a traggic accident in a flaming building. Ella got closer to her body size mirror and looked at her self ,"who am i these days" she rolled her hazel eyes and decided to answer her stupid quescion with a ting smirk on her face "im Ella smith, the girl who every boy wants and every girl wants to be " but suddnley her smirk faded. Ella put on her teddy bear pyjames and went to sleep.

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