Diagnosis: Lovesick

Jeps - dette er en historie jeg er ved at skrive. Den er på engelsk, da jeg synes det lyder bedre at drengene fra One Direction snakker engelsk frem for dansk.

Den handler om pigen Millie og Louis fra One Direction.

Some of it is borrowed from http://fanfictionandotherstories.tumblr.com/IHY


2. Meeting the boys


Louis watched Millie with a sort of adoring gaze as she walked toward him and the lads. They had just finished an interview, and Louis had called Millie and asked her to join him and the others for a meal at Nando’s. Millie had only met Harry, once, so she was nervous to meet the rest of the lads.

“SO, let me introduce you all to Millie!” Louis held his arm out with an excess movement. He took her hand, and the girl looked down, blushing. That made Louis laugh a bit.  

Liam was eager to greet Millie, he shook her hand as he introduced himself. Niall and Zayn followed his example, but not quite as eager. Harry gave the girl a quick hug.

“Now that we all have greeted each other,” Niall started “can’t we eat? I’m STARVING!” The boys stared at the blond boy, and then they all started laughing out of control. Millie stood there awkwardly, but smiled at the sound of the boys laughing. Especially because Louis was the one to laugh the loudest.

The group sat down at the table the waitress showed them. It was a table in the far end of the restaurant, so the group could be undisturbed by random fans. Harry and Niall sat on the short sides of the table and Liam and Zayn and Louis and Millie on the wide sides.  The waitress passed them some menus, and send a smile to the boys as she recognized them.  The boys acted like they would’ve done if Millie wasn’t there, cracking jokes and talked, giggeled and laughed about things that she didn’t understand. She kept her eyes on the menu, clearly not comfortable.

Louis noticed that Millie wasn’t being her usually loud self, and laid his arm around her. Millie looked up into his blue eyes, filled with worry. “Are you okay?” he asked.

Millie forced a little shy smile on her face as she nodded. Louis stroke her cheek with his free hand. The girl stared enchanted through the eyes into his soul, but noticed that the other boys were gone quiet. Louis looked up to see the boys staring at him and the girl. The boys continued their chatting, and shortly after the waitress came back taking their orders.

As they eated Louis got Millie involved a bit more in the conversations, so she wouldn’t feel awkward. When she made the boys laugh and the other way around he slowly turned and smirked at her. He discretely laid his hand on her thigh under the table. Millie looked up at him, and took his hand and squeezed it. Louis looked away smiling.

He noticed that Harry kept an eye on them through the entire dinner. Harry asked Millie about a lot of stuffs, like, ‘where do you live?’’ Where do you go to school?’ and she answered politely.

After dinner Millie hugged all the boys goodnight, and Louis walked her home.

He looked up at the starlit sky. He took the girl’s hand.

“You know, I love to look at the stars at night. It reminds me of my childhood; where my friends and I stayed up all night, just to look at them.” Louis looked at Millie. She looked back at him, eyes filled with adoration. Louis stopped. He laid both of his hands on her waist, and quoted: “Last night I matched each star with a reason for loving you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars." Millie stared at him as he said the quote, but looked down afterwards and blushed. “Louis..” she silently whispered. Louis leaned forward and kissed her.

Louis led Millie backwards, so she leaned against a big tree. He supported his palm against the trunk, the other on her cheek and continued kissing the girl. Millie led her hands tangle themselves into Louis’ hair and opened her mouth allowing the boy's tongue to slip in. Their mouths started to move more angrily, teeth clacking and noses bumping as they clung to each other in the beautiful night. Their mouths separated briefly, Louis saying: “we’d better head home” and they both breathed in deeply, before comming back together. Millie smirked into Louis’ mouth as she nodded and moved away from him, breaking the contact.

The door at Louis’ and Harry’s flat got smashed open, as the kissing couple stumbled their way in. “Wait,” Louis pulled away from Millie shortly and shouted: “Harry?”


Millie looked smiling at the boy. “We’re alone?” Louis laughed and pulled her further into the flat. She started to unbutton his shirt, and pulled it off him. She was amazed by the soft skin as she let her hands run over his bare chest. Louis moaned as the girl’s hands tickled him. He put his hand on her cheeks, and grabbed her hand with the other. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered nearly unable to hear for the girl. Louis’ hand slipped to the girl’s neck and loosened the loop that kept the dress in order.

The door to Harry’s bedroom opened.

“What the fuck, Louis!” Harry stood awkwardly in the doorway, not sure where to look.

Millie squealed as she pulled away from Louis, pulling her dress up. Louis looked shocked at Harry for a minute,  wordless, but then he bursted out: “What the hell, Harry, why didn’t you answer, when I called you before?”

“And when did you do that? I havn’t heard anthing – I was asleep!” Harry stared flushing at Louis.

Louis pulled his shoulders, grabbed Millie’s hand, and the shirt. “I don’t need to explain myself to you, Styles. Come Babe. We’re outta here” The couple left the flat and the blushing curly within it.

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