1. A smile

I am light with dizziness, if I take one more step I'll float away. I'll float right up to the clouds, or even the stars! I'll float away from the dull people and the dismal atmosphere of life. I think about the expressions of the people looking up when they see a girl floating into the sky, suddenly i make a sound that sounds something like chuckle, it's a new sound and I try to make it again. I don't manage it.  I take a deep breath and my lungs taste the crisp, cold air. I hesitate for a second and smile. And with that, I step off the rooftop edge. Flying, falling, tumbling. Cold. I'm nearly at the bottom; I didn't really think I could fly. I mean really? A girl that could fly. 'a preposterous idea' My great aunt would say, as she sinks her teeth into a tea- dunked custard cream. I'm really tumbling now, around and round I go. Maybe I'll gently graze the ground, or I'll dip into the pavement but sort of, end up alright. I-  Thats how it usually ends; this dream.  Sometimes it's a nightmare but tonight it was just a dream, tonight I laughed, well a sort of chuckle, well. It was a smile at least. It's going to be a good day, I can feel it.

I am curled up with my head on my knees, There's a low breeze about and I'm having to clutch onto my ratty blanket to not let the wind at my frail body. Really, I should get going, but my mind is against me and my body is slower than usual; I haven't eaten in days and drank my last bit of water last night. I need to sleep. My mind needs to reboot.  Close your eyes Kay, you know that you can get a few hours before the the dog walkers and runners come. Settle down and sleep, it will come, count sheep if to have to. We smiled in the dream, remember? It's a good sign.

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