"She takes the heads of the undead."

For fans of manga epics, the KILL BILL movies, and old-school adventure stories.

After Oyomi's entire family is slaughtered by Lord Toyogomi, a powerful Vampire Lord, she is brought up in an abandoned temple by a ghostly woman-ninja and taught swordsmanship by the Shakuhachi playing son of the King of Hell. When she is old enough and well-trained enough in the Way of the Sword, she sets out to kill both Lord Toyogomi and his jeering, sadistic hunchback sidekick Shuzo. But first she must cut through the many other sword-wielding Vampires standing in the way of her singleminded quest for bloody vengeance . . .

The Samurai Vampire Scrolls: Scroll 1

(Translated from the Japanese by A. G. Hardy)


1. The Samurai Vampire Scrolls: 1




(The Samurai Vampire Scrolls: 1)


(Translated from the Japanese by A. G. Hardy)


The fearsome Vampire Lord Toyogomi had just conquered two provinces, and was pushing on, black pennants flapping, toward Kyoto. The Imperial House was in disarray. The Shogun's encampment was filled with tired and wounded samurai. Only a young samurai girl named Oyomi-chan could stop the Vampire Lord and his raging minions. But she didn't know it yet. This is her story.


1604. A castle near Kyoto.  

Lord Toyogomi's lips drew back in a sneer, showing the points of his fangs.  

"You came here to cut me down with your pathetic samurai sword, but look at you now, Oyomi. You are my prisoner. Immobile. Helpless. I like to watch pretty girls suffer. The pathetic writhing, the moans, the howls -- it all just whets my appetite for the kill. I'll torture you until you scream to wake the dead."  

With that speech, the fearsome Vampire Lord stepped down from the dais, walking slowly in his clanking battle armor across the Great Hall.  

He reached out and took a handful of the naked girl's hair and yanked on it.   Oyomi strained at the ropes that bound her arms and legs, moaning, and burst into a sweat.  

"You are a beautiful girl, Oyomi. It's too bad you'll have to die howling with pain and fear tonight."   "As you see, my servant is even now heating up the iron pincers on the fire."  

Lord Toyogomi gestured to the corner where his hunchbacked servant, Shuzo, crouched by an iron brazier full of shimmering red coals. Shuzo was wearing only a loincloth. His drooling lips grinned.  

Oyomi's skin crawled. She knew that soon her nostrils would be filled with the stench of her own burning flesh. And then what?  

Then, obviously, Shuzo would get to do unspeakable and degrading things to her. She'd heard the stories. Finally, the Lord Toyogomi would drain her body of blood the way a spider drains a writhing fly.

  "Just one question before we begin," the Vampire Lord said. His face went even colder. "Why is it that you, a mere girl, hate me so much you would risk your life to destroy me?"  

Oyomi lifted her proud face and spat the words:   "My mother. My father. My little brother. You killed them and burned our house."  

"Oh ho," said Lord Toyogomi. Then, in a softer voice: "Ah so desu ka."  

His eyes took on a feverish gleam in the dimness of the Great Hall.  

"What a foolishly brave person you are, Oyomi-chan. You learned swordsmanship. You hunted me down, after all this time. Even though you knew I'd take intense pleasure in tormenting you to the very end."  

Oyomi laughed shrilly.   "You vampires really have no sense of honor, do you! Worse than insects! My life is a demon's life now. I live for revenge. You can't do anything worse to me than you did the day you took away my family. I, Oyomi, have lived in hell since that day, dreaming only of making you scream and die. Pah!"  

With a jolt of her body she wrenched her head around and spat, the saliva hitting Lord Toyogomi's hand.   He glanced down in open disgust, then wiped the drool on her quivering naked shoulder.  

"It's time, then, to throw open the gates of Hell," he said. "Shuzo! Bring the pincers! The little samurai tart is ready to suffer!"  

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