To The Future.

Vanessa deltager i et eksperiment, om en tidsrejse til fremtid og det er der hun for en for alvor stor, øjenåbner.


1. Time

To the future.

Intro: I’m reading the daily paper when I saw an ad about time traveling. A professor called Butteshön have made a time machine and wanted someone to test it for him. I call my best friend Drake :” Hey Drake, it’s Vanessa I just wanted to hear if you want to visit a professor named Butteshön, who says he have made a time machine and he wants somebody to give it a test run. So do you want to take a trip to the future with me?”

He said yes of course. And now were stuck in the year 3028 in the middle of a war between Mars and Earth, and you can’t call it a happy lullaby. If we want to get back home we have to get into a building strictly guarded by security everywhere, the only people who get in and out is the royal family or the government.  

“Wake up, Vanessa wake up!” “What is it?” I wake up on a floating car disguised as a cloud, lying next to Drake. “Look, I think the Mars-men went back to Mars to take a break” Drake drag me to the back of the car, to show me that the Mars-men is flying away from the fight and back to their planet. Drake starts the car, but he’s driving slower than a snail, “Drive faster, otherwise we’ll never get to the royal or government building, before we are 90 years old.” “We’re disguised like a cloud, and clouds don’t move that fast, we can’t risks be caught, then we’re never going to get home.” It’s dark when we finally arrive. We decide to climb through the roof and then I run over to one of the guards: “HELP, someone is trying to kidnap the king and queen!” all the guards run over to the king and queen side. “Come on then, their gone” Drake hurries over, we start to check the doors for a sign saying: Time Machine until we get to a big double door “YES, hurry up we need to leave” Drake says while he tries to open the door, he takes one door I take the other. The time machine looks old and rusty, we enter and it’s smelling like it have a hundred dead rats lying in it, drake pulls in a handle and the time machine starts, we’re going home.

 The End.            

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