To my one and only.

This is my first poem i am putting up on Movellas, I am quite nervous about it so comment and tell me what you think.
It is about my boyfriend and how before i found him i was lost and scared and he has taught me how to be strong and helped me find my way again... I hope everyone likes it :)


1. My one and only

When you read this, take a seat

because I am simply explaining how, my heart skips a beat

everytime you are near

as this is the real deal my dear.


I love you now, I love you forever

you pulled me out of my own indever

you are my one and only

since I found you I am no longer lonely.


With you by my side

always down for the ride

I feel so free

you were the antidote, the key


That unlocked the evil black box that I was caught within

I used to feel like I could never win,

I used to hide from the world

untill one beautiful day I found myself curled


up in your arms, you held me tight

once again you made my life bright.

and even after a long, hard day

aslong as you are there I know everything will be okay.


I would take on the entire world for you

baby you know its true,

so together we fight

its such a beautiful but sadly rare sight.


Even though some will still tell us that we are too young

and the we are yet to learn what love is

but every time we will prove them wrong

even just with a simple kiss


because my feelings for you are strong

I could go on for days and write over athousand songs

explaining this all out

as when it comes to you, in my mind there is no doubt.


You are in my soul, body and heart

you have been, from the start

When I am with you everything goes right and time moves slowly

I love you

To my very one and only... <3

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