In the Beginning

This is a fanfic for Leon and Claire this is fro all you Cleon fans if you love them in resident evil.In the Beginning:Is about the first time the cannabilistic nature occured because of G. Known as the next geneertaion virus Leon and Claire encounter.Leon is on his first day being a cop and that's when he encounters Claire.Claire is sent there for a reason. But, when a woman named Annette Birkin tells them they have to face this nightmare from there on out....They couldn't believe that them two we're one of the genetic saviors out of nine.
But what happens 4 years later?After the distruciton of
Raccoon City.


1. Chapter One

 a   Alright....let me go back to the beginning. Leon and Claire's fight against bio warfare all  started in a zombie-infested ghost town. September 1998 Leon's first and last day as a police officer.                                                                                }~C~{

    A woman in a red vest rides the interstate on her red and black motorcycle to Raccoon City. As the cold fall wind blows through her ponytail she looks up and feels the shrill of a hot wind from a burning building. She kicks up the clutch to go faster so she can make it to the deserted city on time.

       She enters the burnred down gates of Raccoon City and finds a starnge person sprinting at her. She started running but where could she run?She was in a alley. But, then when all hope seemed lsot a guy jumps from behind her holding a handgun saying "Get down!''       He shot the unsual person that was on fire as it fell the woman tossed it over got back up getting her knife out saying "move." She thre the knife in a circular motion stabbing the other unusual person in the chest.

"Not bad."said the man while going to get her knife.

" I never thought any of this stuff my brother taught me would work."

The man took the knife out took one look at it and said

''S.T.A.R.S. a special force issus huh?" "it's my brother's that's why I'm here, to find him....."

She walked up to him and introduced herself.

"I'm Claire Redfield.'' "Hey Leon Kennedy.''

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