Alexander Harvey

Abandoned with only music as comfort.


1. Alexander Harvey

Alexander was sitting in his large comfy armchair with his legs stretched out towards the cosy crackling fire.

He was just relaxing in his dark living room, with only the warm glow of the fireplace, and deeply absorbed in distant thoughts.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

But he ignored it.

The knock came again.

Alexander sighed, “Liza answer the door and tell whoever it that I am busy and to go away!” he called out to one of his many maids.

 After a few minutes Liza came into the dark glowing room followed by a tall, thin man.

“Mister Harvey we need you urgently!” the man said out of breath.

“Whatever it is I am not doing it,” he answered stubbornly.

“Please, the Mayor is coming to this one, and our only conductor has broken his leg. We’re begging you Mister Harvey,” he pleaded.

“Liza, show this man to the front door,” Alexander answered coldly.

The man sighed and followed the maid out but just as he was about to exit he swung round and glared down at him “it’s Mozart, starts at 7pm and you’ll get paid a sovereign for it,” he said briefly, and with that he left.

It was 7 ‘o’ clock and there was Alexander standing in front of a full orchestra with his back to patient audience.

All the musicians were waiting for his queue for them to begin.

He picked up the batons one in each hand and signalled the orchestra to begin.

He swayed the batons for while not enjoying the music at all but then suddenly everything went blank and everyone had disappeared leaving only him and the instrument playing on their own in dark hollow room.

The music started echoing through his brain waves and taking over his body making him drop the annoying sticks he holding and causing him to flow with the music.

There was only him and the music.

He let his hands wave about own their own, controlling every note.

He breathed in the music, letting it take over his heartbeat.

He and the music were one. Entwined within each other.

Every move he made the music followed.

Every emotions he had the music had.

He was where he was meant to be.

Just him and the music.

It ran through his bones electrifying him with security.

Nothing could touch him; he was in a remote world of his own where he was the controller.

Just him and the music.

It was like being in heaven and he never wanted to come to the real world again.

But suddenly it all disappeared and he was woken up by a loud roaring of applauds and cheers.

Everyone around him was on their feet clapping even the musicians were clapping, looking up at him with great authority in their eyes.

Everything was still in a bit dazed.

He wanted to be just left alone in his bubble and not have to face the real world.

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